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How to buy on

Shopping at is easy. Follow these steps:

1. Register first:
Enter your details. After fulfilling the registration form you will recieve activation email in your inbox. You need to click on the verification code you have recieved with registration comfirmation. If you did not receive our verification email in your inbox, please check you spam or trash folder. With registration verification you will activate your user name (your email address) and password. Now when you have an account you can change or update your personal data (such as your phone or delivery address etc.) in your profile.

2. Selecting items:
When selecting items, you can add your selected item to the shopping cart and continue shopping or select "buy" button to go directly to our 5-step checkout.

3. Checkout:
To buy  - you must be loged in. If not you will be automaticly asked to login/register on step 2. In the checkout process you must select type of the delivery. You can choose or change your address of delivery.

4. Order confirmation:
On the last step of the checkout (5th step), by selecting the "Confirmation" button you will get your order confirmation in your inbox.
Depending on the payment option you chose, the confirmation button final step will differ :
Bank Transfer - receive an email containing the link for direct bank transfer
Cash On Delivery - pay on delivery, available ony for delivery address in Croatia
Online payment - be transferred to our credit card secure T-com payment system*

T-com secure payment expects your details without diacritics (diacritical sign or a glyph added to a letter).
Check your data, such as name and address, for diacritics - if any replace them with basic letters; for example replace ä with a, ö with o etc.

Can I add products to order I have already sent?

If you forgot to order something you can add or move products from your orderin by contacting us at

How can I make review of the product?

For making an review of the product you must be registered and loged in to shop.

I forgott my password, what to do?

If you forgot your password you just need to click on login button and fulfill the form and you will get a new password.